Chicago Violence: 10 Shot Overnight; 82 Killed or Wounded in the Last Week

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, 82 people have been shot in Chicago in the past week.

10 people were shot and wounded overnight.

From the Sun-Times:

“The most violent shooting overnight occurred at 12:48 a.m. in the 100 block of East 60th Street in the Washington Park neighborhood. Police said five men — all in their 20s — were standing outside when a white vehicle drove by and someone inside opened fire.

New Media and the Importance of Changing Power Dynamics


The power of new media never ceases to amaze me. The simple yet dynamic idea of creating a video for millions to view in the span of a week, is something that changes how we live our lives, react to world crisis, view politics, and engage with anyone who is traditionally beyond our reach. I have two recent examples of how the intersection between politics, activism, and new media is shifting paradigms and positions of power.

Texas Voter ID Law BLOCKED

A¬†federal court has blocked a controversial new Texas voter ID law, asserting that “the state failed to show that the law would not harm the voting rights of minorities.”

Texas is just one of many states that have tried to pass voter ID laws that many – including activists and the Justice Department – believe will disenfranchise minority voters.

Proponents of the laws argue that they are needed to combat voter fraud. But on Thursday, the three-judge panel hearing the case were not convinced.