The internet is still up in arms about the debut music video from 6 year-old rapper Albert Roundtree Jr.

The video, entitled “Booty Pop,” features little Albert rapping pool side, while scantily clad women “booty pop” all around him. At one point he even sprays one of them down with a water gun.

Although his parents actually paid for the video, and the director is claiming that the whole thing is meant to be “satire,” it’s still hard to see how there could be any justification for featuring a child in a music video like “Booty Pop.”

From NewsOne:

“This video is more than a debate about Black males and the hyper-sexualization of the Black woman. It should spark a robust debate about how much is Black dignity really worth.  Is prostituting our babies worth 15 minutes of child stardom? Should our value only be measured by YouTube clicks and the potential of a record deal? I am already tired of all of these crappy “Black shows”–Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Basketball Wives–that amount to nothing more than 21st century “Step n Fetchit” productions.

If the boy’s parents did in fact support the production of this video, they need to be locked up and reported to Child Protective Services immediately!”


Check out Albert Roundtree Jr.’s “Booty Pop” video:


Are you offended by the “Booty Pop” video?

Is there any justification for placing a 6 year-old in a video like this?

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