This is very disappointing and alarming news.

According to a studying still being conducted by Black Women’s Blueprint, 60% of Black women have experienced sexual abuse from black men before the age of 18.

Even more chilling is the fact that these numbers are actually an increase from previous findings.

From NewsOne:

“Farah Tanis, Co-Founder of the New York-based organization and co-author of the study, says the issue of domestic and sexual abuse in the black community is rarely discussed and that a sixty percent rate should be a wake-up call to black women.

‘A similar study which was conducted by The Black Women’s Health Imperative seven years ago found that that number was about 40 percent,’ Tanis says. ‘So that means there is an increase and we need to stop neglecting that issue.’”

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Do these numbers surprise you?

What can we do to stop domestic violence and violence against women in our communities?

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