Iyanla, Fix Your Language

Is Iyanla Van Zant forever and ever protected by the shield of God Oprah Winfrey, ever since she got on the God’s show and groveled before a studio audience? If that’s the case, the lack of clap back for an under-reported story would make sense. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, The Root reported on an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, wherein Iyanla basically calls a woman who was being sexually abused by her sister’s boyfriend a hoe. See the video here.

If you can’t watch the video, here’s what you need to know: The woman, Geneva, moved in with her sister, Barbara when she was a teenager. Barbara’s boyfriend began sexually abusing Geneva. Geneva’s language speaks to this. Iyanla says, “You got pregnant with your second child by having sex with Barbara’s boyfriend.” To which Geneva attempts to correct, “He was having sex with me.” But Iyanla isn’t having it. Even though Iyanla concedes that what happened was statutory rape, she both compels Geneva to say that she was having sex with her sister’s boyfriend and then proceeds to call Geneva a hoe. So, a teenaged Geneva confides in her sister about the abuse, and her sister calls her trifling and doesn’t believe her. What’s more, Barbara tells Geneva that if she wants to keep living with her she has to earn her keep. So, she continues “having sex” with the boyfriend because he provides for her. Then, years later, in an attempt to rectify things, Geneva gets called a hoe on cable TV? Then, after telling Geneva she was hoeing, Iyanla wants to know why she’s crying and…hugs her?

Oh. So this is how we fixing lives now?

Judge Throws Out Three Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash, the puppeteer known for voicing Sesame Street’s Elmo, got some good news today.

A judge has thrown out three lawsuits claiming that Clash had committed sexual abuse, explaining that the men exceeded the statute of limitations in filing their complaints:


Judge John Koeltl threw out the suits brought by Cecil Singleton, Kevin Kiadii and a third, unnamed accuser. Clash, 52, resigned in November after 28 years portraying the beloved character on “Sesame Street,” amid allegations he’d engaged in sexual relationships with underage boys.

HIV-Positive Teacher’s Aide Accused of Molesting Underage Student

An Illinois special needs teacher’s aide has been accused of molesting an underage student while knowingly infected with HIV.

He remains behind bars while authorities investigate another possible case of molestation involving a different student.

Police Lt. Dennis Plew says he’s unaware of whether or not the alleged victim has been tested for HIV since the incident, but has implored parents to “report any questionable dealings between Hunt and their children – or at least get them tested for HIV if they’re reluctant to get police involved.”

Teacher Accused of Molestation Claims She’s Racist; Wouldn’t Feel Comfortable Touching a Black Child

A Texas teacher accused of inappropriately touching a black first grader claims she cannot possibly be guilty because she’s racist and hates touching black children.

61 year-old Esther Irene Strokes of Northwest Preparatory Academy in Humble, Texas has been charged with indecency with a child.

She steadfastly denies the allegations, and has admitted to harboring racist attitudes to attest to her innocence.

Petitions Demand Rick Ross, Industry Take Responsibility for Rape Lyrics

In the wake of widespread outrage regarding a Rick Ross lyric making light of date rape, petitions have been launched demanding that the rapper and the music industry take responsibility for his offensive words.

A petition on Change.org asks that Ross “publicly apologize for glorifying drugging/raping women.

Meanwhile, a site called RapRehab.com has launched a petition of their own (through Change.org) called “Rape, Ross, and Responsibility #RRR”

Judge Stops Terrence Williams Execution

Terrence Williams, who was convicted of first-degree murder, will no longer be executed by lethal injection on Wednesday due to a Philadelphia judge’s decision.

His execution has been halted based on evidence that, as a teenager, Williams had been sexually abused by his victim, Amos Norwood.

Olympian Kellie Wells Shares Story To Empower Sex Abuse Victims

Olympic hurdler Kellie Wells has once again opened up about the sexual abuse she experienced as an adolescent, hoping that her story will inspire and empower other young people facing similar obstacles.

Wells was repeatedly abused, and eventually raped, by her stepfather as a youngster. Needing an escape, she left home and threw herself into athletics in high school, eventually leading to Olympic glory.

Color Of Change Calls For Firing of XXL Magazine CEO Over Too $hort’s ‘Fatherly Advice’

By now, you’ve probably heard about rapper Too $hort’s outrageous online video for XXL Magazine, in which he essentially coaches young men on how to force themselves on young women.

Entitled “Fatherly Advice,” $hort’s remarks are shocking in their blatant endorsement of behavior that is clearly sexual abuse.

Color of Change is now calling for the firing of XXL Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten, and they need your help.