In less than a week since Killer Mike went onto Atlanta’s Hot 97 and delivered a powerful call to action, 8,000 new accounts have been opened at the black-owned Citizen’s Trust Bank, according to Uproxx. With a $100 minimum charge to open an account, this means that at least $800,000 have been invested into the bank.

The Run the Jewels MC’s words apparently fell on listening ears as he called for citizens to take their money out of banks to affect the country’s financial system while also supporting black businesses.

“We don’t have to burn our city down, but what we can do is go to your banks tomorrow. You can go to your banks tomorrow and say until you as a corporation start to speak on our behalf. I want all my money, and I’m talking all my money to Citizen’s Trust. If we move this amount of money to your bank then what were gonna do is start to divert money away from the system. And this works.

Apartheid ended in South Africa because students in America said we not flying Delta anyore. We not drinking coca-cola anymore. We’re not supporting any corporation that supports the apartheid and enslavement of people that look like us. Once again, right now, I ain’t saying ‘March, hold hands, speech,’ I’m saying take your money out of this dog’s hands.”

The sudden influx has been so much that Citizen’s Bank is both thrilled and a bit frazzled at the sudden uptick in business. President and CEO Cynthia N. Day delivered a thank you to Killer Mike via the company’s Twitter.

Citizen’s Trust isn’t the only black bank seeing an increase in business, either. Other black-owned banks across the country are seeing similar growth as the #moveyourmoney movement takes root.

Photo Credit: Citizen’s Trust Twitter