Mass protests against the policies of the GOP-controlled legislature continue in North Carolina.

Moral Monday protests in the North Carolina General Assembly building led to 84 arrests.

Over 500 have been arrested since demonstrations began in April.

From WRAL:

Opponents have called them outsiders and hippies, but warrants show 98 percent of the protesters arrested last week were from North Carolina.

Protesters this week said they want to make it clear who they are.

“Born in North Carolina. Raised here,” said Chris Carter, a Burlington resident who marched to criticize environmental legislation proposed by Republicans. He joined others who rallied for health care and education

Cyrus King, 90, has been to all seven of the demonstrations.

“I just think the legislature is doing damage to our state and our people,” said King, who lives in Raleigh.

Unsurprisingly, Republicans leaders have declined to comment on yesterday’s rally.

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