The Duval County School Board voted unanimously to remove the name of the Ku Klux Klan’s first Grand Dragon from a Florida school.

Residents, parents and students in Jacksonville have lobbied for months against the school’s name, saying it does not represent the school’s population. More than half of the students attending the Westside school are African American. 

From WTEV 47:


“I could not have attended Forrest. Why? Because schools were segregated at that time,” said Board Member Connie Hall. The other driving force behind the change was students. “We need to make today about honoring the future, which is our children,” said Board Member Jason Fischer. […] local supporters have pledged to help offset the now $400,000 price tag, most of which, we’re told, will pay for new uniforms.

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Students are expected to vote on Tuesdays and Wednesday, on two potential names for the high school: Westside High or Firestone High.


From Thursday through Saturday, alumni and community members living near the school can cast their vote. School officials hope to have a new school name by Jan. 7.

Thoughts on the name change?

Why do you think officials were somewhat resistant to changing the school’s name?

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