Tommy Le shot by sheriff’s deputy hours before high school graduation

Tommy Le, 20, was considered “an easy person to talk to about anything” by his classmates at Career Link. About 45 of his classmates were preparing to graduate from the South Seattle College alternative high school program when he was nowhere to be found. Given how far he’d come for this moment, his absence was troubling. Little did they know, he had been shot and killed by a King County sheriff’s deputy. 

Colin Kaepernick Visits High School To Support Protest Of National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick honestly may have never planned for his protest to spread to anyone else. Even if he did, he probably didn’t think that it would turn into a national practice being displayed on various levels of multiple sports. But that’s the situation we’re in and he’s giving his support back to those who have supported his decision to protest the National Anthem.

Texas Cheerleading Coach Threatens To Sit Only Black Cheerleader Over Braids

Black girls just can’t seem to get a break where their hair is concerned. Kemirah Jn-Marie, the only black cheerleader for Ross S. Sterling High School’s varsity squad in Baytown, Texas, learned this lesson the hard way recently.

The school’s rules clearly state that cheerleader’s hair should all be “pulled back in a secure ponytail” and“must not distract from the cheer environment.” However, her coach threatened to not let her participate during an upcoming football game if she showed up wearing the same braids she wore to school, according to ABC13.

Five Texas Teens Arrested For Racist Graffiti On Rival High School

School rivalries can get intense and before you know it you may look up and feel that you have a genuine dislike for the students from across the way. But hate is a different level altogether and has no place. And that hate being used as a platform for racist and anti-transgender rhetoric is unacceptable.

Five Texas teenagers have learned this lesson after being arrested for reportedly spray painting “Whites Only” over a rival high school’s water fountain and “Trans Only” near a bathroom. 

Detroit Police Use Pepper Spray During High School Fight

A false fire alarm at Detroit’s Central Collegiate Academy broke out into fights among students that ended with police intervention. According to reports from FOX2, the alarm went off around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon and students claim that bottles and rocks were being thrown at them while they were outside. A brawl reportedly started among students and police used pepper spray to calm the crowd.