Conflicting reports from authorities and witnesses are leaving a community anxious and frustrated following the death of Michael Moore, 19, at the hands of a police officer in Mobile, AL.

According to Fox 10, an officer pulled Moore over on Monday, June 14, after he allegedly committed a traffic violation. After asking Moore to get out of the car because he was driving without a license, the officer claimed he saw a weapon on his waistband and opened fire four times. 

“Last night, a Mobile Police officer was involved in a fatal shooting just before 7 p.m. First and foremost, our prayers and condolences are with the family of Mike Moore. Any time a life is lost it is a tragedy,” said Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson. “The incident is under investigation by the Mobile Police Department. We have called upon the FBI to run a parallel investigation with the MPD. I have complete confidence that the investigation will reveal the facts. I expect that this process will be as transparent as is legally possible. We ask for prayer and patience until the full facts are revealed.”

Community members who reportedly say they saw the altercation say that Moore got out of the vehicle with only a cell phone in his hand before the officer opened fire.

“We thought it was a routine traffic stop, we were standing at the door looking at it, young man gets out with his cell phone in his hand and as soon as he gets out, he [the officer] shoots him,” said Willie Westbrook, a local resident. “Young man falls back on the ground, he stands over him and shoots over him four more times, after he shoots him the fourth time, he says don’t move turn over. The guy couldn’t turn over, he flipped the guy over, put handcuffs on him, and stands over him with his gun and tells him don’t move, the guy couldn’t move.”

Multiple parties in the incident are being interviewed by investigators, including the office, the two passengers who were also in the vehicle and two other witnesses.

Photo Credit: Facebook