The Kenya Doll is back!

First released in 1992, Kenya was a Barbie-like, black doll that was extremely popular.

The company which made the Kenya doll has announced that the doll will be back on shelves in November, just in time for the holiday season:

The new crop of dolls will be available in three different skin tones just as they were in the 90s and come with a Magic Hair Lotion, Styling Guide and hair accessories. However, the relaunch isn’t just about the classic Kenya doll, the company is also creating products for the infant and tween markets.

Read more at HuffPo Black Voices.

Kenya will be a welcome addition to a toy doll market that often lacks diversity. There are also plans for Kenya albums and tv shows.

Are you excited for the return of the Kenya doll?

Will you be buying one?

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