Colin Kaepernick did nothing wrong. I’ll repeat that as many times as I have to until people get it. Despite that fact, the former [and hopefully soon-to-be current] NFL player is being crucified after his protests of the National Anthem last season.

NFL teams are avoiding him as if he has something contagious and are electing to bring on players who are clearly less talented to fill spots he’s more than qualified for. So what’s he got to do to get onto a roster? Well, former NFL player and fellow black quarterback Kordell Stewart thinks he has the answer: Kaep should just be quiet. 

“Right now he’s not giving himself a chance,” Stewart said, via NFL No Huddle on TuneIn with Brian Webber. “I don’t think it’s the owners; I think it’s more or less Colin Kaepernick in my mind. Stay off of social media, and when it comes to the political side of everything, you can express yourself, you can do it quietly. I mean people are looking for former athletes and athletes out there doing some things that can be headline news. Do it from a charitable standpoint. Stay low-key about it. You don’t have to be so [loud], especially in this world of politics in the game of football.

“You see what’s taking place with him right now. He’s not even getting a chance to play and he’s better than 90 percent plus of the backups playing in the National Football League, let alone some starters that are playing right now.”

It’s ironic that some of the most vocal condemnation against Kaepernick is coming from former black athletes like Stewart, Michael Vick and Ray Lewis. Two of which, may I remind you, were involved in scandals far more serious than Kaep’s, yet still went on to have lengthy careers.

I’m sure that many of these players believe they’re giving Colin advice from a genuine place. But him compromising his beliefs and doing exactly what NFL owners want by begging for their acceptance would undo everything he accomplished last year.