In a tumultuous week, Donald Trump topped of firing FBI director James Comey with revealing classified information about the fight against ISIS in Syria to the Russians. And then lying about it. And then admitting it.


This is further evidence that Trump is an unhinged leader and is unfit to serve in the office of the presidency. This information could damage relationships with military partners and hinder the fight against ISIS.

Much of the Republican uproar over Hillary Clinton was due to her use of a private email server, where she sent and received classified information. Republicans pointed to this issue as a key reason to keep Clinton out of office. However, Trump’s ego has proven to be much more dangerous than Clinton’s emails.

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According to The Washington Post, Trump was “boasting” to the Russian foreign minister about the quality of his intelligence sources when he revealed key information about the use of laptop computers in terrorist plots.

Trump tried to spin this reveal as an attempt to bring Russians on board against ISIS and terrorism broadly. Yet, from what we know, Trump is highly insecure and wants the world to recognize the legitimacy of his position. Last week, it was revealed that Trump fired Director Comey because he refused to profess loyalty to Trump. Clearly, the President has no respect for the separation of federal powers.  

This is a dangerous situation. Trump has vast power over the United States military complex, and an errant word (or tweet) can put many lives in direct danger. The world should not be at the mercy of this man’s mood-swings and inferiority complex.

We need a president who does not bend to the power of his own ego and puts the lives of all Americans first.