Beyoncé is already commonly known as royalty to her millions of adoring fans. However, a new development could transform Queen Bey into a whole new kind of royalty.

Variety reports that director John Favreau has Beyoncé’s name at the very top of his list of people he’d like to play Nala in the upcoming remake of The Lion KingFor those unfamiliar with the film – how could you be, though? – Nala is the best friend and eventual love interest of Simba, the prodigal son and prince of the Pride Lands.

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Donald Glover has continued his rise in the public eye by being cast as Simba and James Earl Jones will return to voice Mufasa. With the film being filmed in CGI, the cast will do most of their work in the form of voiceovers, resulting in more flexibility for their schedules.

Beyoncé is yet to confirm whether or not she’d take the role, but her name would be a major selling point for what’s already looking to be a major production. This would be the latest in only a handful of film appearances for the singer.