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Beyoncé is reportedly planning to write and star in her own movie on Saartjie Baartman, a South African woman who was exhibited in London freak shows in the 1800s nicknamed “Hottentot Venus” due to her large butt.

The superstar, who is also the most nominated woman in Grammy history, is looking to gain respect as an actress with the hopes of an Oscar win. In order to gain that respect, she has hired a team of acting coaches and writers to assist her in making the movie.

A Hollywood source told The Sun that even though she’s had a string of well-received movies, she still feels her breakthrough role is yet to come. She now wants to write a screenplay that gains her respect — and hopefully awards — from the film industry, and thinks Saartjie’s story could be her ticket.”

To no one’s surprise, Beyoncé will play the lead role.

The movie on Hottentot Venus will be Beyoncé’s second time playing in a biopic, as she starred in Cadillac Records as the great Etta James along with Adrien Brody, Cedric the Entertainer, Jeffrey Wright, and Mos Def.

Some of Beyoncé’s other roles include her stint in the Austin Powers film Goldmember, where Knowles starred as Foxxy Cleopatra, Mike Myers’ opposite. She also starred in Pink Panther,in Dreamgirls where Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for her role as Effie White, and the film Obsessed opposite of Idris Elba.

Baartman went to court with the assistance of abolitionists from Britain, where she argued that she was forced to perform against her will. The court ruled against her.

Besides her screenwriting and theatrical news, a source told The Daily Mirror that both she and Rihanna might join Coldplay for their Superbowl concert in an effort to liven their concert.

It seems like the next few months, we will be seeing Beyoncé a lot more. Who else is excited?

UPDATED as of January 6, 2016, 12:29 PM: A representative from Beyonce’s team has denied all claims that Beyonce will star in a movie about Saartjie Baartman. The representative told the website Gossip Cop that “Beyoncé is not connected to this project, but this is a very important story to be told.”

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