2 White South Africans Arrested After Video Shows Them Forcing Black Man Into A Coffin

Victor Mlotshwa didn’t think that anyone would believe him when he told them his traumatic tale of being forced into a coffin by two white men who also threatened to put him on fire. The incident occurred over three months ago.

Fortunately, video footage of the altercation, taken by one of the two white assailants, was made public not too long ago and Mlotshwa was given the evidence he needed.

At Pretoria Girls High School, South Africa’s ‘Bornfree’ Population Still Isn’t Free

JOHANNESBURG—The policing of Black women’s hair strikes again. This time, black students at the Pretoria High School for Girls in Pretoria, South Africa allege that their school’s dress code is being enforced in a manner that discriminates against natural hairstyles.

The girls claim that they have been punished or threatened with punishment for wearing styles such as afros, bantu knots and locs, as well as for speaking their native tongue (aside from English and Afrikaans, South Africa has nine official native languages.)