Four Atlanta-area women are suing a nursing company for denying them access to white patients because they were deemed “too black,” “too old” or “too ghetto.”

The nurses allege that the company’s screening process was at least partially based on race, and that they used the above language to explain their reasoning behind the placement of members of the nursing staff.

The Grio reports:

“The plaintiffs are listed as Erika Arnold, Tracee Goodman, Debra Trawick and Christine Muchene. They claim violations under the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

‘Before placing someone in a position, I was blatantly asked in front of a group of people what color is she or how old is she,’ said Tracee Goodman, a former Accord Services Human Resources employee.”


Of course, the nursing company denies the charges:

“However, a spokesman for the company said the plaintiffs were little more than disgruntled ex-employees who had either resigned or were fired.

‘I read the allegation, and it is completely false,’ administrator Freddy Allen told Channel 2 Action News. Allen, who is black, said many African American nurses who have worked for Accord Services for almost a decade.”

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