The Center for Disease Control (CDC) took a look at data from 10,000 murders committed from 2003-2014 and had some shocking findings. The study  found that black women are more likely to be murdered by their partners than anyone else. 

4.4 Black women  out of every 100,000 were found to be murdered by their partners, whereas the same could only be said for 4.3 Native American and 1.5 white women out of every 100,000.

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Also, more than half (57.7 percent) of the Black women who were murdered died from a gunshot wound. 15 percent of the women who were murdered by their partners were pregnant and 40 percent of the women of color who were murdered were between the ages of 18 and 29.

The last major finding was that 98% of the partners who killed these women were men. Many of whom were jealous or angry at the time.

“Teaching safe and healthy relationship skills is an important primary prevention strategy with evidence of effectiveness in reducing IPV (intimate partner violence) by helping young persons manage emotions and relationship conflicts and improve their problem-solving and communication skills,” read the study.