Impoverished black youth publishes novel ‘Nameless’
Ashley Michelle Williams, The Grio, 2/11/12

“The odds of achieving success seem slim to none for minorities with impoverished backgrounds. Having not only been poor, but also homeless, Kyle Chais has had many odds against him throughout his life. Yet, the 20-year-old is showing others that they can also rise above their challenges after releasing his first novel called Nameless.

Chais was born in Flatbush, Brooklyn into poverty and without a father.

‘My mom and I were really poor,’ he told theGrio. ‘We had to survive on food stamps and we lived in a building that was nicknamed the Castle of Hell. It got its name, because it was shaped like a castle and it had hellish conditions. There were also a lot of drug dealers and gangs that resided there. I often got jumped.'”

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