By Rashad J. Smith

Unfortunately we can’t ignore the daily happenings in the streets of urban society. It is our duty to inform the world of what’s going on in our neighborhoods with hope to one day bring change. It’s not a surprise for us to hear about how many drug busts happened in the projects of Detroit. We’re quite use to hearing about the homicides in Chicago. Believe it or not we even provoke the killings as we give the A&E ratings when watching First 48. Most of these incidents occur when Young BLACK America is forced to live life in the hereditary state.

Thanks to societal contributions  like THE BLACK YOUH PROJECT and THE ROOT  (and a plethora of other unmentioned mediums)we have an outlet to inform the people about the News that describes Young BLACK America, from the Flaws to the Fabulous! We have a medium in which BLACK can be RECOGNIZED and not branded for notorious negativity.

In honor of the Greatest Black 28 Days of the Year, Check out TheRoot.Com 25 Black Innovators Under 25 Recognized.

Congratulations to the Young, Gifted, & Going Places. You all are the inspiration needed. Your educational achievements are extraordinary. Your ideas are innovative and worthy of praise. Your societal contributions makes it easier to survive. You are the HOPE, the DREAM! You are purposely crafted  for the greater need. Your not just current or future multi-millionaires with an idea that made it. You are the vision that Young people are on a mission to become.