According to the New York Daily News, 634 students at a Brooklyn, NY high school were forced to use ONE TOILET for six months!

Due to repeated disciplinary incidents in the school’s bathroom, all but one toilet in the entire school was made available for students.

Long lines and unsanitary conditions outside of the bathroom became the norm, resulting in many students choosing to drink less, or simply “hold it” rather than deal with the disgusting  facilities and miss an inordinate amount of class time.

Some students started a petition that generated media attention, prompting the school to make a few more restrooms available.

Obviously, kids misbehaving in the bathroom is a serious issue. But forcing 634 students to use one restroom?

You think they’d have done that to 634 white students?

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From the New York Daily News:

When you gotta go, you gotta go, but it’s not that easy for the 634 students at a downtown Brooklyn high school.

For the past month a single toilet inside the nurse’s office at Science Skills Center High School was the only one open, forcing students to endure bladder-busting waits whenever nature called.

The school wasn’t at a loss for loos, though. Administrators kept four other fully operable bathrooms locked up to prevent kids from misbehaving and getting violent in them, according to staff and students.

Only after the Daily News inquired Wednesday about the lack of latrines did administrators open two other bathrooms.

Kianna Cole, 16, an 11th-grader from Mill Basin, said having to use the filthy toilet in the nurse’s office was worse than getting a month’s detention.

“It was awful – and not just the smell or the line. It was the pee all over the place and the terrible plumbing,” Kianna said.