Chance the Rapper has proven himself to be a man of the people, time and time again. As a hometown kid that’s always looking to give back to Chicago, especially the South Side, the announcement of his one-day music festival, “Magnificent Coloring Day.” 

As tickets sold incredibly fast, Chance noticed that many of them were being resold at a much higher price than retail by scalpers. So, he got his hands on more than $2,000 tickets that were being sold second-hand and resold them at much lower prices of $45 and $75.

It’s important to note that Chance didn’t specify exactly how he got the tickets back. Which makes the more inspired of his fans imagine him as some sort of Robin Hood figure who came through for them. He later went on Twitter to celebrate the moment.

The music festival, which will features performances from John Legned, Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator and many more artists, including surprise guests, will take place on Sept. 24.

Photo Credit: Twitter