Homelessness remains a serious problem in the state of California

By: Chaya Crowder

There is a homeless crisis in Los Angeles County. On a given night there are more than 46,000 people without homes in Los Angeles. Policy makers and community activists are drawing attention to this growing issue. A May 2016 poll by the African American Voter Registration, Education and Participation project found that 93 percent of African American voters in California view homelessness as a high priority for elected officials to address.

Homeless Prom Queen Graduates With A Full-Ride To College

In yet another lesson on not presuming to know anyone’s struggles, a 16-year-old in Washington D.C. is getting all of the applause she deserves.

Destyni Tyree has been living in one of the city’s largest homeless shelters along with more than 240 other families after her mother lost her job and they struggled to keep up with rising rent costs.

Despite that, she’s managed to graduate high school in only two years, get a full-ride scholarship to Potomac State College of West Virginia University, was captain of the cheerleading team and was voted prom queen. Oh, and this all happened while she was working a 25-hour a week part-time job. 

Washington D.C. Has More Homeless Kids and Parents Than Single Adults

Homelessness plagues people in localities across nearly the entire world. While it’s nothing new, those that study it are growing concerned because it seems to be changing for the worse over time.

The Washington Post reports that there are now more homeless children and parents in Washington D.C. than single adults, which changes what many considered to be the face of homelessness.