As the manhunt for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner rages on, a drone is reportedly being used to locate him.

He is the first known human target of a drone on U.S. soil. Authorities say they fear he will escape across the Mexican border.

Dorner is supposedly hiding in the wilderness of California’s San Bernadino Mountains.

From Salon:

A number of news sources, MSNNow included, stated that this was the first instance of airborne drones targeting a human target within the U.S.. Not so: Among a handful of instances, police in North Dakota used a Predator drone (unarmed) in 2011 to track down the Brossart family — anti-government separatists who refused to return cows that had wandered onto their land.

As Gawker’s Eric Limer noted, the drones employed to search for Dorner are also “presumably” unarmed. “Should armed drones actually be authorized to fire on Dorner, then it would be a first, and frankly a terrifying precedent,” wrote Limer.



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