CNN have finally reported on the racist attack on a black camerawoman at the Republican National Convention.

On Tuesday night, two men threw nuts at the camerawoman, and exclaimed “this is how we feed the animals.” They immediately removed from the convention.

Though the network released a brief statement regarding the incident, last night was the first time they’d addressed the incident on-air.

From the Huffington Post:

“Blitzer described the “very ugly exchange” on Wednesday afternoon, in the first time that the network addressed the incident on-air. He said that the incident was “truly shocking” and “hit home” for people at the network.

“It’s just an ugly reminder that there is an element of hatred that still exists in our country,” he said.

Speaking to Blitzer, CNN political analyst Donna Brazile said that she hopes the two attendees have their convention credentials revoked.”


Check out Wolf Blitzer’s report below:


Are you surprised that something like this happened at the Republican National Convention?

Why did it take so long for CNN to address this incident?

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