Colin Kaepernick has done enough in a couple of weeks to completely transition from your standard NFL quarterback to an activist taking full advantage of his platform. After declaring that he’d no longer stand for the National Anthem until America works to end its injustices to people of color, he’s taking his commitment one step further.

Kaepernick recently announced that the first $1 million of his annual salary this year will be donated to various charities, according to Yahoo.

“I’m currently working with organizations to be involved, and making sure I’m actively in these communities, as well as donating the first million dollars I make this year to different organizations to help these communities and help these people,” he said. “I’ve been very blessed to be in this position and make the kind of money I do, and I have to help these people. I have to help these communities. It’s not right that they’re not put in the position to succeed, or given the opportunities to succeed.”

Surprisingly, he’s already starting to donate his funds to the community. He and his girlfriend, Hot97 radio personality Nessa, donated $60,000 worth of bookbags to children in Harlem and the South Bronx, according to the Root.

“We must invest in our youth because they are the future leaders of our community,” Kaepernick said. “I want them to know that we appreciate and care for them. In doing so, we must provide all the necessary tools for them to succeed, and I will do whatever I can to ensure we do that as a community.”

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons