Chicago rapper Chief Keef is being investigated by city police for his possible connection to the murder of a rival rapper who was gunned down recently:

Keith “Chief Keef” Cozart is a 17-year-old Chicago rapper signed to Interscope Records and best known for his mixtape hit “I Don’t Like” (a song that’s been reappropriated as the final track on Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music crew’s upcoming album, Cruel Summer). Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman was a fellow teen Chicago rapper that allegedly had some bad blood with Keef. On Tuesday, Coleman was shot and killed on the South Side of Chicago. Now, following a mocking tweet send out by Keef in response to the murder, Chicago police are looking into how the possible gang affiliations of Cozart and Coleman may have led to the slaying.


The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Coleman “was riding double on a bike — standing on the back —when a car pulled up and someone fired six or seven shots at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Coleman was hit in the back before running to a nearby home, where he later died.” Later in the day, Cozart tweeted “Its Sad Cuz Dat N—- Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO,” before later claiming his account was hacked. Whether it’s in direct relation to that tweet or not is unclear, but Chicago PD is now investigating a connection between Coleman and Cozart.

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This horrific tragedy is a higher profile example of what has plagued the city of Chicago all summer. This is a crisis, an epidemic.

We can all express our commitment to ending violence against and among black youth by taking the BYP Pledge, but that’s only the beginning.

We need to make revolutionary changes.

What are you doing? What do you think needs to be done?

How can we stop these tragedies from happening?

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