On Wednesday, Chicago Public Schools officials announced the launching of a comprehensive black studies program that will be rolled out next month.

The program expands education on black history beyond that of prominent black leaders, civil rights and the slave trade, which is currently being taught in public schools.

From Chicago Sun-Times:

“The stories always come from a position of servitude and they kind of reminded us to go back deeper and look at the history back in African where they were kings and queens and to make sure we told that part of the story,” said Annette Gurley, CPS’ chief officer of teaching and learning.

The curriculum will be interdisciplinary and be implemented in different classes — literacy, math, science, social science, arts and physical education and health — from kindergarten through 10th grade , officials said.

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For example, fourth graders learning about Illinois and the state legislature will also learn about the contributions of African Americans to the state.

Officials said CPS is currently working on a similar program for Latinos.

Thoughts on the program? Is it long overdue?

What else would you like to see students learn in public schools?

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