President Donald Trump is continuing his mission to undo as much of Barack Obama’s legacy as possible. Last week, the president spoke in Miami about the U.S.’s relationship with Cuba. During his head-scratching speech, he called on the country to send back one of the country’s most famous residents. 

“To the Cuban government, I say put an end to the abuse of distance,” Trump said. “Release the political prisoners. Stop jailing innocent people. Open yourselves to political and economic freedoms. Return the fugitives from American justice including the return of the cop killer Joanne Chesimard.”

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For the rest of us, Joanne Chesimard is better known as Assata Shakur, the Black revolutionary who received political asylum in Cuba in 1979. Shakur famously escaped custody after being convicted of killing a New Jersey State Trooper in  1973. To date, the entire case has been under scrutiny by those who feel Shakur was unjustly targeted and convicted.

In response to the president’s “request” – it was more of a demand, if we’re being honest – Cuba basically said, “Uh… nah.”

“I can say it is off the table,” said Gustavo Machin, the deputy director for American affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the more official statement, according to Yahoo.

Meanwhile, Shakur continues to be near the top of the list of U.S. fugitives and has a $2 million bounty on her head.