After appearing on Univision this past week, Mitt Romney’s slightly bizarre appearance immediately got the internet talking.

His seemingly darker complexion got many wondering; did Romney purposefully darken his complexion in order to appeal to a Latino audience?

From the Huffington Post:

“While his orangey-brown appearance on Univision could have been the result of bad lighting or a makeup mishap, left-wing blog the Democratic Underground concluded that Romney “dyed his face brown for his Univision interview.”

The claim is not completely out of the ballpark. After all, as Gawker points out, Romney did say ‘it would be helpful to be Latino,’ in a video secretly recorded at a campaign fundraiser earlier this year.

Appearing at a campaign fundraiser in Atlanta, Georgia, before his Univision interview, Romney showed a bit more color, but nowhere near the amount of bronze as seen on stage at the 6:30 p.m. ET filming.”


Thoughts on Romney’s Univision appearance?

Do you think he would stoop this low?

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