Earlier this week we reported that Lil Wayne had issued a letter to Emmett Till’s family, apologizing for using Till’s name in the song “Karate Chop.”

Well, a spokesperson for the family dismissed the apology, claiming that it was inadequate.

From Rolling Stone:


“While it’s commendable that he has vowed to respect the legacy of Emmett Till and his memory to ‘not use or reference Emmett Till or the Till family in his music,’ this statement falls short of an apology, as none is mentioned,” Airickca Gordon-Taylor, who is also executive director of the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation, said.




Although Wayne didn’t go the Rick Ross route and claim that listeners “misunderstood,” there is no unequivocal “My bad” in his letter.


And according to USA Today, the Till family wants to meet with Wayne and PepsiCo to discuss their commercial partnership.

A publicist for the Rev. Al Sharpton says he is attempting to arrange a meeting between the parties to work out differences over Wayne’s vulgar reference to Till in a song lyric. Wayne has a contract to promote PepsiCo product Mountain Dew.

What do you think? Should Wayne try saying sorry again?

Should the Till family move on, or keep pressing for an actual apology?

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