A 16-year-old high school student’s family is filing court papers on the premise that a Long Island school failed to intervene a racially motivated attack by a white student, and the school covered up the issue.

Zion Guzman-Milton had to get 32 stitches in his head two years ago after he underwent an emergency surgery to lessen the swelling in his brain after a knock punch by a White student at Valley Stream South High School. He experienced a hemorrhage and a skull fracture, and the family is stating that the assault was racially motivated.

Guzman-Milton said that he was hit while getting a book from his locker. The other student approached him and began calling him racial slurs, like Afrojack. When Guzman-Milton tried to walk away, the other student him and afterwards, he remembers being in the nurse’s office.

Zion’s family is making a statement via the court papers that the school did not do anything to notify authorities, and that the family has to call the ambulance themselves as well as get the police involved.

Guzman-Milton’s father, Chris Milton, said that the principal was angry when the police arrived.

“This lady was very disrespectful, saying that we did something to them as opposed to something happening in the school to our son,” he said.

What’s worse is that when Guzman-Milton saw the man who assaulted him in school a few weeks afterwards and he has been bullied and harassed ever since he was punched. Both he and his family are trying to bring the conversation about race to the front before the situation gets unhealthier.

“I believe that my son would probably have been in jail if he would have done that to a white child, for sure,” Milton said.

A spokesperson from the Valley Stream South High School has declined to comment about the situation.

(Photo Credit: Jewel Samal /AFP)