No Jail Time For Man Who Accused of Assaulting Disabled Black Teammate

John R.K. Howard and two other classmates were initially charged with sodomizing a disabled, Black teammate with a clothes hanger in 2015 in the small village of Dietrich, Idaho.

The sexual assault charge against Howard was later dropped and he entered an “Alford plea,” meaning he maintained his innocence but concluded that the jury would likely find him guilty. Last week, he was sentenced to probation for felony injury to a child and avoided any jail time. 

Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Is Precisely Why We Must Get Real About Athletes And Rape Culture

“It’s just locker room talk.”

“No, it’s not locker room talk at all.”

“But what about Beyoncé’s lyrics?”

Over the past week (though it feels much, much longer) the American public has been bombarded with a series of mediocre justifications for a presidential candidate’s boastful comments about sexually harassing and assaulting women, none more agitating than the Trump campaign’s insistence that his comments were commonplace among men, and therefore undeserving of widespread attention. The quickness and ease with which his surrogates settled on the ‘locker room talk’ excuse was truly fascinating to see; there is no doubt in my mind that his supporters think his remarks are justifiable within certain spaces.

And though their overarching point is indefensible, the thinking that led them to that conclusion is not wrong.

Gabrielle Union Writes Powerful Op-Ed On Assault, Consent and ‘Birth of a Nation’

Many powerful reactions were ignited when details arose about Nate Parker’s rape trial and the actions he took to try and distance himself from it. While many people chose a side on whether or not they’d be seeing his upcoming film, we’d yet to have heard from the many who took part in making it.

Gabrielle Union, who is a survivor of sexual assault and also has a large role in The Birth of a Nation, wrote a powerful op-ed for the Los Angeles Times where she touched on sexual assault, consent and her personal feelings of being attached to a project that came from the mind of a man who went to trial for rape. 

Man Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison For Throwing Boiling Water On Gay Couple

Anthony Gooden had only come out and told his family that he was gay a few weeks before he and his boyfriend, Marquez Tolbert, were attacked in their sleep. Martin Blackwell, a truck driver who stayed at Gooden’s mother’s home whenever he was in town, walked in to see the two together in the living room. That’s when he went to the kitchen, boiled a pot of water and threw it on the  couple.

A Georgia jury spent only 90 minutes deliberating as they found Blackwell guilty and convicted him on eight counts of aggravated battery and two counts of aggravated assault, according to the Washington Post. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison. 

Man Who Assaulted Dylann Roof In Jail Posts $100,000 Bond

August 4th, 2016 may be a day talked about in barbershops and on social media for ages. Barack Obama celebrated a 55th birthday, George Zimmerman reportedly got punched in the face and Dylann Roof was on the receiving end of a jailhouse assault.

Dwayne Stafford, the man who punched Roof in the face and back in the Charleston County Detention Center’s shower, has been in custody since January 2015 on first-degree assault and strong arm robbery charges, according to the New York Daily News.