For a decade, Don Cheadle has been tied to the Miles Davis biopic entitled Miles Ahead. Ever since he was chosen to play the famous jazz musician in 2006, Davis has worked tirelessly to bring the beautiful, complex image he crafted in his mind onto the big screen. It even led to him becoming the film’s director.

After years of whispers, speculation and news clippings, the public has their first glimpse at Miles Ahead through the first trailer.

The film mostly focuses on Davis’ life during 1979, when he hadn’t been playing for almost five years, as he works with a journalist named Dave Brill (Ewan McGregor) to take back a recording of a studio session that’s been stolen.

At least from the trailer, Cheadle becomes a different person as he attempts to bring life back to Davis and doesn’t shy away from showing how unstable his life could be at times.

Check out an exclusive interview he did with Entertainment Weekly where he talked about everything from when he discovered Miles Davis, how he came to be involved with the project and what was on his mind while playing a musical giant.

Watch the full trailer on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Instagram