A young orphan’s wish to be adopted has finally been granted. 15-year-old Davion Only made headlines in October after going to his local church in hopes of finding a family. 

But Only is just a matter of moments away from being a permanent member of an adoptive family. 

From The Daily Mail:

He is currently living with his prospective parents so he can get to know the family before any permanent adoption is finalized. And according to Davion’s biological aunt Doris Barnes […] the foster parents plan to take Davion away for a proper family Christmas his first ever.

Today a spokesperson for Eckerd, the Florida adoption agency handling Davion’s case, told MailOnline: ‘Davion has moved from his group home placement at Carlton Manor to a foster home where he is enjoying getting to know the family. Davion is excited to be spending the holidays with a perspective adoptive family.’

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Only’s mother died from complications due to drug addiction. The teen never had a chance to meet her, and found out that she passed away just three weeks into his search in hopes of reconnecting with her. Millions of people were touched by Only’s story, and offered to adopt him. Families in countries including Canada, India, Australia, Great Britain and Iran all made contact with Davion’s group home in St. Petersburg to inquire about adopting him.

Great news, and just in time for the holiday season. We wish much success and happiness to Davion and his potential family! 

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