The Chicago Transit Authority is under fire after one of its Bus Drivers tried to eject a young Gay couple for holding hands and kissing.

From the Windy City Times:

“Christopher Buchanan, 22, and his boyfriend Derrell Hughes boarded a 146 southbound bus in Lakeview on Oct. 22, after leaving an afternoon program at the Broadway Youth Center, Buchanan said.


‘I was holding his hand and kissing and whatnot,’ Buchanan told Windy City Times.


As the bus approached downtown, he said, a middle-aged White woman approached the bus driver to complain about the two.


The driver allegedly got up and told Buchanan and Hughes that someone had complained about them and that they needed to get off his bus.


‘He was really in my face,” said Buchanan. ‘He said ‘you bitches need to get off the bus…I can’t stand fags.”


When the couple refused to leave, Buchanan said, the driver called police. Buchanan said that police while police said they had not done anything illegal, they got off the bus after a two-hour ordeal during which a CTA supervisor was called.


Buchanan said he felt the two were targeted because they were two black men kissing in public. He noted that a straight couple was also kissing on the bus at the time of the incident.


‘Where does it state on CTA we can’t kiss on the bus?’ Buchanan said. ‘Straight people kiss on the bus all the time.'”


Check out more on this story at Rod 2.0 and/or The Windy City Times

Does someone’s discomfort with a couple’s PDA ever warrant this bus driver’s actions?

Can LBGT people feel safe on Chicago’s public transit system?

Have you ever felt discriminated against on the CTA?

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