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More than a year after Florida neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, one of his biggest supporters is changing his story.

Zimmerman’s former neighbor Frank Taaffe testified before a grand jury earlier this week, and revealed details about the racially-charged conversation he had with a man he believes was George Zimmerman. 

From Global Grind:

Taaffe, who was one of the neighborhood watch volunteer’s biggest supporters, claims he wants to make amends with the family of Trayvon Martin and bring a sense of justice and closure to Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

Before Taaffe entered the courthouse, he spoke with reporters about his decision to come forward with the evidence. He also added that he believes Trayvon was targeted because of his race.

“This is a young man who didn’t deserve to die,” Taaffe said. “In my heart of hearts, I do believe that….If there’s a young man that’s not doing anything but talking on the phone, in the rain, sauntering about, let it go. You know, that’s why we have law enforcement — let them handle it.”

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Martin’s family always believed that he was profiled.

“This is what we said before Frank Taaffe’s testimony to the grand jury, this is what we said all along, and we’re grateful that the grand jury will get to hear it,” family attorney Benjamin Crump told the Orlando Sentinel.

Chances of charges against Zimmerman remain unclear, but the loss of Taaffe’s two children and a broken relationship with his daughter over the trial has made him want to come forward.

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