Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s brother, went on a tirade on twitter this weekend, linking Trayvon Martin with De’Marquis Elkins, the 17 year-old accused of shooting an infant in Georgia.

He tweeted a photo comparison of both Martin and Elkins holding up their middle fingers. He wrote “A picture speaks a thousand words…Any questions?”

He later tweeted: “Teen to West: “Do you want me to shoot your baby?” #TrayvonMartin to #GeorgeZimmerman: You’re gonna die tonight Motherf**ker.”

From Think Progress:

In case the reason for his comparison of the two young black men was unclear, Zimmerman later tweeted:

Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks mightB risky


Trayvon Martin was unarmed when Zimmerman allegedly followed him and shot him. He had no criminal record. Zimmerman had a history of calling the police to report suspicious black individuals, one as young as 7-9 years old. By his brother’s logic, this frequent suspicion of black people was not due to prejudice but because black people pose a genuine and constant threat to everyone around them.



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