A group of Rochelle, Georgia students are attempting to organize the first integrated prom at their high school.

The school – Wilcox High – hosts separate proms for white and black students. Last year, a biracial student tried to attend the white prom and was turned away by police.

The students are being met with resistance; signs promoting the idea have been torn down.

Their school has agreed to allow an integrated prom, but will still hold the segregated proms, and they’re refusing to fund the event.

From NewsOne.com

“We are all friends, that’s just kind of not right that we can’t go to prom together,” Sinnot said told Fox 19. “If we don’t change it, nobody else will,” Bloodworth added.

Yet, despite the roadblocks, the youth integrationists will continue to forge ahead. Thus far, the senior class is trying to get together the funds to pay for the prom and are holding a fundraising event taking place on April 27th. Reportedly, school officials are not offering the students any assistance whatsoever in their fund-raising quest.

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