Kristie and Kirstie Bronner are making history has Spelman College’s first-ever sister co-valedictorians!

The identical twins have identical GPAs, maintaining 4.0 averages.

They say their academic journeys were difficult at first, but they eventually found a healthy work-life balance.


“We learned how to have a balance to life and then to be able to appreciate the journey of college and be more healthy and be more happy,” Kristie said.

“Every semester we learned something new about life, things we could apply to life, things we could apply to school,” Kirstie said.

They both majored in music.

“You don’t have to be the smartest. You don’t have to be the one who came in with the prior knowledge to be the one to succeed,” Kristie Bronner said. “It’s a great testimony and it’s also fun to be able to share it with one another. I don’t think we’d want it any other way.”

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An amazing story.

Congratulations to the Bronner twins, as well as the entire Spelman class of 2013!


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