As we celebrate/barbecue this Memorial Day, let’s not forget that many of the soldiers that have died fighting America’s wars, are the same poor disenfranchised people that this society always overlooks and demonizes, so mega corporations can make billions of dollars privatizing the conquered country’s resources and helping said country “rebuild”.

The soldiers that do make it home are often rejected, discriminated against, preyed on by predatory lenders, and in the case of decorated marine Jose Guerena, who served two tours in Iraq, shot dead in his own home by Tuscan police in front of his wife and child.

Why would a trained soldier knowingly point a gun at police and not fire? Wouldn’t he know they would return fire killing him like he had been trained to do? If he was going to fire at police wouldn’t he take the safety off of his gun?

What the news story didn’t say was that the SWAT team refused to allow paramedics to treat Jose Guerena, letting him to bleed to death, at the scene, in front of his wife and child. Also decorated marine Jose Guerena had no criminal record and the gun had to protect his family was legal.

This interview contains the 911 call from Jose’s distraught wife and powerful testimony from the Guerena’s family lawyer about the Tuscan’s police attempt to cover up their heinous act