Jemele Hill and Michael Smith have been a staple at ESPN since even before His and Hers came  on the air in 2013. Their chemistry has always shown through and their ability to have a normal conversation about sports topics has always made their show more relatable than most. They’ve done everything from talk about the latest social media memes to welcome guests like Spike Lee.

Now the pair will get to take their talents to the next level as they’ll be taking over the 6 p.m. timeslot on SportsCenter beginning this February. According to Variety, Hill and Smith will be joining ESPN’s longest standing pillar the day after the Super Bowl.

“Jemele and Michael have unique chemistry and impressive journalistic credentials, and we look forward to bringing their entertaining mix of perspective and passion to SportsCenter,” said Rob King, ESPN senior vice president, SportsCenter and News. “As we did with the one and only Scott Van Pelt, we’ll build a new version of our program that amplifies all that makes them special.”

The two have been working together for years, starting with a podcast called His and Hers, which they still regularly put out, and later became an aired program – after it was changed from it’s original Numbers Never Lie.

“What makes this next step perfect for us is that we don’t have to become something we’re not,” said Smith. “We have the complete support of everyone here to be who we are, and carry on the things that made His & Hers a successful show, and us a successful pair.”

“This is just surreal for both of us,” said Hill. “For us to be associated with the cornerstone brand of ESPN is beyond thrilling. There is such a rich history and tradition associated with SportsCenter that it’s a little overwhelming, but we’re eager to leave our own mark.”

We wish Hill and Smith both all of the luck as they move on to continue becoming staple voices in sports broadcasting.

Photo Credit: Instagram