Terrence Williams, who was convicted of first-degree murder, will no longer be executed by lethal injection on Wednesday due to a Philadelphia judge’s decision.

His execution has been halted based on evidence that, as a teenager, Williams had been sexually abused by his victim, Amos Norwood.

Judge M. Teresa Sarmina said Friday that prosecutors suppressed evidence that Williams’ victim was a pedophile who abused boys, including Williams. However, Sarmina upheld Williams’ first-degree murder conviction.

Williams is on death row for killing two men, a church deacon and a high school sports booster, as a teenager.Williams’ lawyers have maintained that police and prosecutors withheld evidence about the sexual link between him and victim Amos Norwood, so the jury never heard about it before voting for a death sentence.

Philadelphia prosecutors have denied any wrongdoing in the 1986 trial.

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