Kanye West’s actions as of late have been concerning, to say the least. First, he interrupted his own show to say that he would’ve voted for Donald Trump – if he voted at all. Then he cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour dates after an odd performance where he only performed a couple of songs and went off on a rant about Jay Z, Beyoncé and more.

In the next chapter of what’s looking more like a cautionary talent, reports claim that the hip-hop artist/fashion designer was transported to a local hospital in Los Angeles after someone called the police while he was at his trainer’s home because an unidentified man was “acting erratically.” 

USA Today reports that West was taken to UCLA Medical Center  on Monday to be treated for exhaustion. His wife, Kim Kardashian-West, is reportedly at the hospital with him instead of attending an event in New York in honor of her late father.

Many fans and supporters of West suspect that his lashing out as of late, and, honestly, for a while now, is connected to the passing of his mother just over nine years ago this month.

Regardless of the reasons, West’s situation is another reminder that mental health maintenance is extremely important and shouldn’t be treated lightly or put on hold.