Kendrick Lamar continues his assault on pop culture following up his Grammy nominations with an explicit hint that he is working on a track (or tracks) for the Ryan Coogler directed film, Black Panther. In a video for his song “LOVE.” from his Grammy nominated album DAMN. Lamar appears to do everything but verbally say “I’m working on a song for Black Panther right now,” as around the 1:55 mark a director’s clapboard with the words “B. Panther Soundtrack coming soon” can be seen written across it.

Here is Lamar’s video for “LOVE.”:

This does nothing but fuel the hype machine around Black Panther. It is already widely regarded as the Blackest movie of not only 2018 but possibly the Blackest movie of all time. Director Ryan Coogler says of using Lamar’s song “DNA.” during the screening of the movie at the San Diego Comic Con:

The lyrics are amazing, a lot of Kendrick’s are… It’s actually oddly literal for our trailer’s purposes, and I think a lot of the cultural things we’re dealing with in Wakanda are in the zeitgeist in the African American community.

We can’t wait for Feb. 18th 2018!