Boston cop Officer Joseph DeAngelo, Jr. suspended without pay for six months because of racially charged video

A Boston police officer will be suspended without pay for six months because he made a racially charged video that included the tagline “This summer, black people have met their match.” Officer Joseph DeAngelo Jr. has been a part of the force for four years and will also be on probation for six months after he returns.

Activist Marlon Peterson tells TED Talk audience ‘I am what garbage looks like’ [VIDEO]

“Am I not human?” This one of the questions Marlon Peterson, a human rights activist and writer, asked during his recent TED Talk.

Peterson connects his experiences coming from an immigrant community and family and the ways he was systematically criminalized in the United States. Following his arrest and incarceration, Peterson reflects on how his experience in the New York State prison system influenced his endeavors to reform the criminal justice system.

Cincinnati school releases bullying video of 8-year-old boy who died by suicide

Given his young age, the circumstances of his death and, now, the context surrounding it, Gabriel Taye’s death is the kind that sticks with you. In January, the 8-year-old was found dead after he hanged himself with his necktie in his Cincinnati home, reports CNN.

School officials have now released a 24-minute video that captures an incident Taye was involved in days before that impacts the conversation of what led to his death.

Washington State University President Starts Investigation Into Racist Video

A video taken at a Trump rally in October offers a glimpse into what the environment there is like. As if anyone had to guess, the video features the blatant racism and disrespect that’s become synonymous with President Trump. To help combat this growing culture of bigotry, the president of Washington State University, where the video was recorded, has launched an investigation into where it came from, according to The Spokesman-Review

james baldwin

ICYMI: Check Out This Video Of Celebs Who Want You To Know James Baldwin’s Legacy

Not everyone has seen the new James Baldwin documentary I Am Not Your Negro (2016) yet. So, Mic has created a new video comprised of stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Janelle Monae, Lupita Nyong’o, Common, Chris Rock, Yara Shahidi and so many others who want you to “read James Baldwin” and know they iconic thinker whose work lies at the foundation of much of the movement building work that is happening today.

Virginia University Responds To Racist Video Featuring Gun & Trump Mask

The delivery of threats to inflict harm on black bodies may evolve with the times, but the tools used in these threats – such as masks, firearms and anonymity – have always been staples.

A video began circulating online of an individual wearing a Donald Trump mask, wearing a t-shirt that read “My president is white” and brandishing a handgun as hip-hop-inspired music played in the background full of references to stereotypes about Black people.

On Kim Burrell and why ‘theological violence’ has no place in Black Liberation

By: George M. Johnson

No one is free unless the black Trans woman is free.

I imagine these are the words that will ring out of the mouths of every preacher and Black person in this nation when we finally reach the day of liberation.  A day that will likely never come in my lifetime, as the battle between the “Church” and “State of the LGBTQ” continue to be at odds over who is acceptable in the eyes of man and God.  This week, has brought out the some of the worst in people, as two pivotal leaders of the Black church and gospel music community have continued theological warfare on a community that is “tired, weak and worn” – to quote the classic hymn “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”

How many more brutal police videos do we need until we take police abolition seriously?

I grew up in Oakland, California in the nineties and have been arrested and harassed by police more times in my life than I can count.

I have been one of the people running away when we heard the call, “5-0! 5-0!” signalling that, no matter what we were doing – lawful or otherwise – it was time to disperse because the police were coming. I have never needed videos showing other Black people being terrorized across the country to understand intimately the consequences of the State’s hypervigilant criminalizing of Black folx in Black ‘hoods. Frankly, I am confused why anyone, at this point, still does.

Marc Lamont Hill Compares Ben Carson’s Leadership To Ghostface Killah’s In Hilarious Clip

Several things about Black people are true. First, we are not to be outdone. Second, we often disrupt the status quo. Third, we can find similarities between many everyday political experiences and our own Black Experiences with relative ease. In this clip of Morehouse professor, author, and all-around dope individual Marc Lamont Hill in conversation with CNN’s Don Lemon and three other pundits, Hill supplies proper evidence for all three of the phenomena I already mentioned above.