When Korryn Gaines was killed by Baltimore County Police, there were a lot of unanswered questions. Such as whether the officers had a legal right to enter her home or even tried to deescalate the situation before shots rang out, killing her and striking her 5-year-old son.

Gaines’ family has announced that they’ll be filing a lawsuit against both the Baltimore County Police Department and Officer First Class Ruby, according to CBS

Recently filed legal documents and witness accounts from a neighbor who was on the scene that day seem to tell a different story than initial police reports.

Ramone Coleman, who was Gaines’ neighbor, claims that the events leading up to her death played out very differently than reported.

For example, he claims he saw officers on the property nearly an hour before they said they arrived to issue Gaines a warrant. Coleman states that officers wouldn’t allow Gaines’ family into the scene to try and deescalate the situation. He also said that he heard officers deny Gaines request to see their warrant for her arrest.

Outside of Coleman’s testimony, officers reportedly asked Facebook to delete Gaines’ account as she was posting videos of the situation during the stand-off that lasted multiple hours.

The family is suing for a total of $4 million.