A California college student has posted surveillance footage on YouTube of what appears to show her getting assaulted by a police officer. 

Aloni Bonilla, a math major at Cal State Los Angeles, was pulled over by police in March of 2012 for suspicion of driving under the influence.

After being escorted to the hospital for a blood sample after a breathalyzer found traces of alcohol in her system, Bonilla says she was a victim of excessive force and contradicting statements made by police. 

Watch the video:

The officer says that Bonilla waved her arms around and attempted to head butt him, but the video shows the officer pushing Bonilla against the wall, and then pinning her down to the floor with her knee.

Bonilla ended up with a black eye and 5 slipped discs in her spine and neck as a result of the altercation. She was also charged with resisting arrest, vandalism and failure to provide a driver’s license. Bonilla was convicted on all three charges.

She is currently appealing her court conviction.

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