HBO’s The Wire, which many consider to be one of the best television series of all-time, was a certifiable masterpiece. Not only did it offer never-before-seen perspective into the lives of its mostly black characters, but it painted a vivid picture of how the legal system operates from top to bottom.

Everyone along the chain of justice, including mayors, members of congress, police officers and drug dealers were highlighted in the exceptional show that’s still celebrated today despite first premiering 15 years ago. 

While there have been a handful of college courses offered that focus on the show, it’s recently attained a new set of bragging rights as it’ll be used as a resource at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

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The class will be called “Crime, Law and Society in The Wire” and feature the series’ first two seasons – even though the second season is a relative weak spot in the show’s run – and welcome students to participate in group discussions and complete written assignments, according to Ebony.

“This course will use The Wire as a text to study many of the most important and intractable problems in the criminal justice system in America today, including drug enforcement, race, confessions, police manipulation of crime statistics, mass incarceration, use of force, gender, criminal organizations, gun violence, and honesty and accountability in law enforcement.”

According to the school website, it was originally offered during the 2015-16 school year but this will be the first time it’s been made available since.