An off-duty San Antonio police officer shot an unarmed black man to death as he walked away from a restaurant drive-through.

In court, parents of Marquis Jones, 23, sued the city, Officer Robert Encina, Quinonez Foodservice, Chacho’s 8614 Perrin Beitel Ltd. and John Burke, president of Quinonez and Chacho’s. 

From Courthouse News:

Their son, Marquis Jones, 23, was a passenger in a car driven by Fabian Garcia on Feb. 28. Jones’ sister, Whitney Jones, and her roommate, Dominue Carter, also were passengers. None are parties to the lawsuit. Garcia’s car struck the car in front of it in the drive-through lane at Chacho’s and Chalucci’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant in northeast San Antonio. The collision was minor, no damage was done and the unidentified driver of the other car returned to her vehicle to wait on her order “without incident” after Garcia apologized, the parents say in the complaint. Encina was in uniform working security at the restaurant.

“Out of nowhere, defendant Encina approached Garcia’s car and demanded that he turn off his vehicle and get out of his car for no lawful reason,” the 26-page complaint states. “Defendant Encina searched and handcuffed Garcia and used inappropriate force on him. Jones, witnessing how defendant Encina was treating Garcia, became afraid and decided he would leave so that he would not be attacked by defendant Encina.” Jones was afraid because Officer Encina harassed him a few days before, his parents say.

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According to the complaint, Officer Encina noticed Jones leaving and pursued him. Defendant Encina didn’t identify himself as an officer, or command Jones to stop. Instead he shot Jones in the back as he attempted to leave.

Police told the San Antonio Express-News that Jones displayed a handgun as he left the front passenger seat. They say he ran and collapsed on the scene and his handgun was found nearby.

But Jones’ parents disagree. They claim Encina has a “short fuse”, and a history of dealing with minorities, particularly blacks. Encina was suspended from the restaurant for 45 days following the incident. The claim also states that Encina was found to be highly intoxicated during the altercation.


Based on what is known about the altercation, do you believe that Encina’s actions were racial motivated?

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