Emmy award-winning writer Lena Waithe will be joining Justin Simien’s Dear White People for Season 2 of the social commentary heavy series. Waithe will be taking on the role of P. Ninny which reunites her with Simien as she produced the movie on which the series is based.

Waithe says of the character, “I’ve never played anyone like this character… What’s so funny about her is that she’s not aware of how she’s coming off to the world. But, she’s a lot of fun. I just got be like really silly and crazy, and say crazy stuff, because that’s what happens in that world.”

The over the top MC also will appear on a Love and Hip Hop parody show called Traphouse Tricks, which will likely function similar to season one’s Scandal parody Defamation in the Dear White People universe of TV shows. Season 2 will follow what happened with Samantha and Gabe following a failed protest and a break-up. Justin Simien says that much of Season 2 will be about the identity of Samantha being placed under attack, and the shadowy faction that is doing the attacking will be a major mystery during Season 2.

Dear White People Season 2 does not currently have a release date, but is rumored to be set for an April or May release in 2018. Lena Waithe’s Showtime show, The Chi, premieres on January 7th.